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March 31st is the deadline to obtain health insurance for 2014! After that date you can only obtain health insurance this year if you qualify for a Special Election. If you’re used to being able to get health insurance whenever you wish, this may come as a shock to you. If you have been waiting or procrastinating, now is the time to act before this open enrollment period ends for 2014. This deadline applies whether or not you are applying for a subsidy on your health insurance.

March 15th is the deadline to apply for an April 1 effective start date.

The next Open Enrollment Period is scheduled for Oct. 15 to Dec 7 with an effective start date of Jan 1st for all policies submitted in this period.


The only way to obtain health insurance for this year after March 31st is with a Special Election. Examples of Special Elections are; marriage, birth, move to an area outside your current policy’s coverage area, or loss of health insurance due to divorce, death or employment termination. If you lose coverage because you forgot to pay your premium, you won’t be able to be reinstated this year!

I’ve Tried Going onto Healthcare.gov and I’m Confused and Frustrated

Then you’re like most. I received a call on the afternoon of Feb 14th. Her husband had been trying to apply for health insurance on Healthcare.gov since the morning of Feb 10th. He applied multiple times, made several calls to the Healthcare.gov Help Desk, yet could not complete an application. In a six minute conversation I was able to identify the cause of the stoppage and tell him he would only qualify for a subsidy of $1/month. Of all of his calls to the Help Desk no one had identified his subsidy or reason for the block. We were able to complete an application successfully in just twenty minutes times. This is the experience and support I provide my clients.

There are so Many Choices in Health Insurance Plans. How can I Select the Right One?

Working with a licensed health insurance agent is your easiest approach to this complex and frustrating task. I ask you questions to see what are the most important things for you to have in your family’s health insurance coverage. I tell you what subsidy you can get towards paying for your health insurance so you know your anticipated costs and I describe the choices of plans that meet your criteria so you can make an informed decision. Then I navigate Healthcare.gov for you so you don’t have the frustration of re-entering data multiple times because of “glitches” in the website. And best of all, there is never any fee for my services! I am paid by the health insurance company you select.

No Fees and Removing the Frustrations of the Health Insurance Process, What is the Downside?

There is no downside. I find out what is important in your family’s health insurance, present the choices, determine the net cost after subsidy, and look after the application process. All at no cost to you! And when you have questions with your policy, you have an advocate to answer questions without being lost on hold. So contact me today, even if you’ve started the Healthcare.gov process yourself.

Paul Wavrock
About the Author
Paul Wavrock is the founder of Heath Insurance of Florida, a full service Health Insurance brokerage firm, that utilizes several major National and local Insurance providers to assist its clients and their insurance needs.